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Components for Application Streaming

Dec 17, 2015

The components related to a server farm that make applications available for streaming can be separated into four categories. Each of these functional areas consists of software running on one or more workstations or servers. Before you install the components for application streaming, refer to the system requirements for application streaming.

The components that support virtualization on the user device, as shown in the diagram, include the XenApp server, Citrix Licensing, Streaming Profiler workstation, file servers, Web Interface, Citrix Receiver, and Offline Plug-in.

Components that support application streaming.
  1. Licensing. Consists of the license server and License Management Console. Use the License Management Console to manage licensing. To install Citrix Licensing, see the licensing section in the Technologies node of Citrix eDocs.

    For more information about licensing application streaming and offline access, see Application Streaming Licensing Explained (CTX112636).

  2. Administration (server farm). Consists of the following components:
    • Farm servers.
    • IMA database.
    • The Web Interface.
    • The AppCenter, to configure and manage the server delivery and publish applications for streaming.
  3. Citrix Streaming Profiler. Creates and maintains streaming application profiles. The Streaming Profiler is an independent application that enables you to profile Windows applications, Web applications, browser plug-ins, files, folders, and registry settings that can be streamed to user devices and servers.

    Use the profiler to create one or more targets within an application profile that can match all the platforms of your users. This strategy creates a single profile that can accommodate a variety of user platforms. The profiler can also update applications in the profile and provide other resources that your users need.

  4. Citrix Plug-ins. The Offline Plug-in support streaming applications to the user's desktop. To provide offline access to applications and dual-mode streaming, install both the Offline Plug-in and Citrix Receiver (Enterprise), which includes the Online Plug-in, on user devices. When a user runs a published application enumerated by Citrix Receiver or through a Web Interface site, the Offline Plug-in finds the correct target in the profile in the App Hub, sets up the isolation environment on the user device, and then streams the application from the profile location to the safety of the isolation environment set up on the user device.

    To support streaming applications to the server, install the Citrix Receiver on user devices. These applications must be published as "stream to server." When users run an application, it streams to the server and launches using an ICA connection on the user device. To stream to a Web Interface site, you must the site to the list of trusted sites.