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Citrix Offline Plug-in Overview

Dec 17, 2015

The Offline Plug-in is the new name for the Streaming Client. The Offline Plug-in runs as a service on the user device to invoke applications the user selects and applications enumerated by Citrix Receiver or the Web Interface site. The Offline Plug-in finds the correct target in the profile in the App Hub, sets up the isolation environment on the user device, and then streams the application from the profile location to the safety of the isolation environment set up on the user device.

The Offline Plug-in installer does not require any configuration during installation, so those users who have administrator privileges on their computers can install it themselves.

The Offline Plug-in is installed by default on a server when you install XenApp. This enables the server for further configuration of streaming to server and dual-mode streaming.

To authenticate profiles accessed by the user devices, install the Offline Plug-in with a digital certificate. The Offline Plug-in then streams applications only from profiles that match the digital certificate. See also Specifying Trusted Servers for Streamed Services and Profiles.

The Offline Plug-in also checks the cache size of the user device. If the cache size exceeds a maximum limit, the Plug-in removes streamed application files from the cache until its size is smaller than the limit. The default cache size limit is 1000MB (1GB) or 5% of total disk space, whichever is larger. The Offline Plug-in removes streamed application files starting with the one that was not used for the longest time.

Finding the Version of the Offline Plug-in

To identify the version of your installed Plug-in, open the Windows program to add and remove programs and continue with the method for your operating system:

  • For Windows Vista and Windows 2008, right-click a column heading and select More. In the Choose Details page, check to option to display the version.
  • For earlier Windows operating systems, select Plug-in name, and click the link for support information.

To take advantage of the latest updates in application streaming, Citrix recommends installing the most current versions of the Offline and Citrix Receiver.