Product Documentation

To clear merged rules for linked profiles on user devices

Dec 17, 2015
The RadeStore folder contains the repository of registry hives, registry tab files, fonts, scripts, and merged rules of inter-isolation communication (IIC) profiles. If any of the execution targets of the IIC profile is updated, the merged rules are invalidated and then rebuilt automatically. Fonts are registered for each session from the RadeStore location.

The RadeStore location is created when you install the CitrixOfflinePlugin.exe on user devices. Clear the RadeStore location manually, as needed, such as when troubleshooting application issues for users.

To clear the RadeStore location:

  1. On the computer where you want to clear the storage location, type the following at a command prompt:

    radecache /flushstore:{all|rules|hives|tabs|fonts|scripts}

  2. Set your options as needed, including the following parameters:
    • rules clears the merged rules in the RadeStore location
    • hives clears the registry hives in the RadeStore location
    • tabs clears the registry tab files in the RadeStore location
    • fonts clears fonts in the RadeStore location
    • scripts clears scripts in the RadeStore location
    • /all clears the merged rules, registry hives, registry tab files, fonts, and scripts in the RadeStore location
  3. Repeat for other RadeStore locations, as needed.
This method affects only the local user device.