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To configure the cache size of the Offline Plug-in

Dec 17, 2015

When you run a streamed application either through Citrix Offline Plug-in or from a Web page created through the Web Interface, by default, the Plug-in caches application files on the primary, local drive of the user device at the following location:


Before caching files, the Plug-in checks the size of this cache. If the cache size exceeds a maximum limit, the Plug-in removes streamed application files from the cache until its size is smaller than the limit. The Plug-in removes streamed application files starting with the one that was least recently used.

The default cache size limit is 1000MB (1GB) or 5% of total disk space, whichever is larger.

To change the default cache location or the default maximum cache size, use the ClientCache tool that you run on the user device where the Plug-in is installed.

To start the tool, run the following program:

%PROGRAMFILES%\Citrix\Streaming Client\ClientCache.exe

Running ClientCache.exe on the computer on which the Offline Plug-in is installed enables you to change the location of the cache and the maximum cache size. Entries you make using ClientCache.exe are stored in the registry and become the new defaults.

The following are some guidelines for changing these defaults:

Client cache directory. The cache location you specify must be on a local drive and can be on a volume other than the main volume.

Maximum client cache size. When specifying a cache size, use an integer representing the cache size in megabytes. For example, the following represents two gigabytes: 2000.

The maximum size of the cache is restricted to the size of the local drive.

Changes you make using this tool take effect the next time you start the Plug-in or restart the Citrix Streaming Service.