Product Documentation

To configure an .MSI package for the Offline Plug-in using transforms

Dec 17, 2015

Transforms manipulate the installation process by making changes to the installation database contained within a Windows Installer package. The following procedure should be attempted only by those familiar with transforms and their impact upon these settings.

  1. After extracting the CitrixOfflinePlugin.msi file in a temporary folder, use Orca or your preferred tool for editing Windows Installer packages to open the .msi package.
  2. Enter new values for the properties you want to change in the Property table.
  3. Generate the transform file and save it with an .mst file extension.
  4. To install the MSI package and use the transform you just created, follow the same steps as outlined above in the procedure dealing with command-line installations; that is, add the properties to the command-line. Additionally, however, you must add the following


    Here is an example:


    where path is the location of the transform and my.mst is its file name.

    The following example demonstrates a valid command-line:

    PROPERTY=Value | ANOTHER_PROPERTY=““a value with spaces””