Product Documentation

To allow users to update applications

Dec 17, 2015

Use the Enable User Updates setting in the profiling wizard to determine whether or not files for streamed applications are executed from the profile directory of the user. You can set this option only when you create a profile for the first time.

Citrix recommends disabling this option unless it is mandatory to enable it. In addition, Citrix recommends disabling the application's automatic update feature. When updates are disabled, you can manage installations and updates centrally using the update wizard in the profiler. For example, automatic updates might fail for applications that stream to virtual desktops. Instead, when new versions are available, update the profile with the new version and make it available to users.

Important: After creating the first target, you cannot modify the setting for the profile. The setting that you select for the first target applies to all other targets that you add to this profile, even if you manually select a different setting for subsequent targets.

Additionally, to set a default for all profiles, from the Edit menu, select Preferences. Use the Enable User Updates tab to prevent the User Updates page from appearing in the profiling wizards.

Set the option for the profile:

  • Select the check box to permit executable files that are accessed through the profiled application to run from the user profile root.

    If you profile the application with this setting selected, the application can download vendor-supplied updates over the Internet. Any updates are stored as part of the user root, so they are unique to that user. The next time the user device connects to the profiled application on a server or file share, the streamed application will not overwrite the updates, and the application runs using the updates.

    Selecting this setting is recommended for streamed macromedia plug-ins, which download extensions (DLLs) based on the content that is being processed. Also, some applications decompress DLLs during runtime that need to run from the user root.

  • Clear the check box to ensure that all executables from the profile launch from the install root location and not from the user profile root location. Clearing this setting prevents most product-update executables from installing updates automatically on user devices and lets you manage the updates centrally through the wizards in the profiler. When cleared, the system specifically inhibits the ability to run code that is not streamed from the server.

    Administrators can enforce a cleanup policy to delete all session artifacts when the user closes the application or logs off.

    Note: If your testing finds that this setting does not prevent automatic updates for an application, look for a preference in the application installer to disable automatic updates when you run the application during profiling. Alternatively, disable or uninstall the update programs manually on user devices.