Product Documentation

To install multiple applications through Advanced Install

Dec 17, 2015

The Advanced Install option of the profiling wizard provides the opportunity to repeat the installation procedure as many times as you need to add multiple applications to a target.

  1. Choose the type of resource you want to install:
    • To install an application in the target, choose Run install program or command line script. This option runs a wizard similar to the quick install.
    • To install Internet Explorer and plug-ins so they run in isolation, choose Install IE plug-ins.
    • To add files and folders that might be needed on the user device or to remove unneeded files and folders, choose Select files and folders. For example, use this option to include required files that are on the profiler workstation, but might not be on the user device.
    • To customize the registry as viewed by the user device, choose Edit registry.

    Each of these options provides you with the opportunity to return to this screen and install additional applications.

  2. After you complete an installation, you have the option to install additional resources in the target. If needed, check the option to Run an application before the next installation.
  3. After installing all the applications you want to include, choose Finish or Continue with none of the above, which enables you to finish creating the target.