Product Documentation

To install an application in the profile

Dec 17, 2015

In the profiling wizard, on the Run Installer page, ensure that the installation program and command-line parameters that you selected on the previous page are correct. This step performs a virtual installation of the application in the profile, but not on the profiling workstation.

  1. Click Launch Installer. Wait until the installer program launches on the workstation. For large applications, this can take several minutes.
  2. Complete a full installation for the application, including running the installation wizard. The destination path shown in the installer does not matter because the application is installed in the profile, so accept the default location.
  3. When the application is fully launched on the workstation, close the application and click Next in the profiling wizard for the profiler to discover the newly installed application.

    If a restart is required to complete the installation, the profiler automatically performs a virtual restart. After the virtual restart completes, the application is ready to run on the next page of the wizard.