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To choose an installation program for the application

Dec 17, 2015

Select the initial executable for the application in the profiling wizard. To update an application in an existing profile, open the profile, select the target, and from the Edit menu, select Update/Install Application.

On the Choose Installer page:

  • Click Browse to choose an executable file or a script you run to install the application in the current target. In this step you are just choosing the installer, not running it.
    Note: Make sure that the application is not currently installed on the profiling workstation. Files that exist on the profiling workstation are not added to the profile, causing the application to fail when launched from the profile.
  • Optionally, add a command-line script. Command-line arguments run a streamed application by modifying its properties in the target. If you add placeholders in the profile, they are replaced by command-line arguments specified when you publish the application. Command-line parameters can modify application properties after you install the application during the target creation process (in the New Profile or Add New Target wizards) or by editing application properties after you create the target.

    If you do not use a placeholder in the profile, the extra parameters specified when publishing an application are added at the end of the command-line.

Example of Placeholders and Command-Line Parameters

Use profile arguments to specify command-line arguments that you always want to apply during application launch, such as arguments necessary for the application to function. Use the published application’s command-line arguments to fine-tune the application.

If you add the ** placeholder to the Command line parameters (optional) text box in the profiler, the placeholder is replaced with the command-line arguments for the published application.

To do this:

  1. Specify the following arguments and placeholder in the profiled application:

    app.exe /a ** /b

    where <app.exe> is the application executable that you are profiling.

  2. Publish the application with the following arguments. (%* specifies the content redirection arguments.)

    /x %* /y

Launch the application with content redirection. For example, on a file named my.doc, the steps are:
  1. The profiled application command-line is used.

    app.exe /a ** /b

  2. The ** placeholder is replaced with the published application arguments.

    app.exe /a /x %* /y /b

  3. The file for content redirection replaces the %*, producing the final command-line.

    app.exe /a /x my.doc /y /b