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To support legacy plug-ins

Dec 17, 2015

By default, the Streaming Profiler 6.5 creates SHA-256 hashes, and the Offline Plug-in 6.5 uses SHA-256 to verify the contents of the profile and verify the integrity of strings and buffers.

The Offline Plug-in 6.0.x, however, launches applications only from profiles with SHA-1 hashes, such as from version 6.0 of the profiler. To enable 6.0.x plug-ins to launch profiles created with Streaming Profiler 6.5, select this option to provide the additional hashes. Use this option during a transition period where both hashes are needed until all Offline Plug-ins have been updated to 6.5.

SHA-2 is fully supported on Windows Server 2008 R2. For earlier Windows platforms, see the Microsoft documentation.

If selected, the time required to generate both hashes increases the profiling time.

To add the SHA-1 hashes in profiles created or updated with version 6.5 of the profiler:
  • In the profiling wizard, on the Legacy Offline Plug-in Support page, select the option to Enable support for 6.0 offline plug-ins.
  • To set the preference for all profiles, from the Edit menu, select Preferences > Legacy Offline Plug-in Support, and select the check box. The setting becomes the default in the profiling wizard for all profiles created or updated after setting this option.

For more information about security standards that apply to Citrix products, see XenApp 6 Security Standards and Deployment Scenarios in Citrix eDocs.