Product Documentation

To select applications for listing in the profile

Dec 17, 2015

Use the Select Applications pane of the New Profile, New Target, and Update Application wizards to list applications in the target and make them available for publishing later in the Citrix AppCenter.

In the Select Applications pane, all previously listed applications from other targets in the profile are listed as well as applications discovered in the current target you are adding.

  • Application Name gives you an indication as to whether or not you must modify the application name. If the names of applications in multiple targets match, those applications are considered available in those targets.
  • To add other, undiscovered applications you installed in the target, click Add and browse to and select the applications you want to add to the Applications list.
  • To remove applications from the list, select the unwanted applications and click Delete. This removes the applications only from the list. It does not delete the application from the target.
  • If you want to change properties of the application before completing target creation, select the application whose properties you want to change and click Modify. Change properties including the name, version number, location of the executable, current working directory, application icon, and command-line parameters.

    An example of when you might want to change an application property is when the name of the application contains a version number or is different from the same or similar applications in other targets. In such a case, remove the version number or change the name so the application is recognized as existing in other targets.

  • If the Applications list is not populated, click Recover to find newly installed applications and populate the Applications list.