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To resolve target conflicts

Dec 17, 2015

After creating an initial target, additional targets cannot have overlapping operating systems, service pack levels, or languages.

To resolve target conflicts in the profiling wizard, you must either change the supported languages to remove the language overlap, or change the operating systems and service packs to remove the operating system overlap.

Conflicts occur when your new target overlaps or duplicates the configuration of an existing target. Target conflicts include all of the following situations:

  • Operating system overlap. Both targets support an operating system and service pack level. For example, if both targets support Windows Vista with no service packs, there is an operating system overlap.
  • Language overlap. Both targets have at least one language in common.
  • System drive overlap. Both targets have the same boot drive. However, the boot drive of a target cannot be changed after the target is created.

More simply, two targets overlap if:

  • There is an operating system overlap and
  • There is a language overlap and
  • The boot drive letters are the same

For example, the following targets overlap because they share an operating system, language, and boot drive, and they cannot coexist in the same profile:

  • Target A:

    Windows XP Professional [SP 2 and above] and Windows Server 2003 with CPS [all service packs]

    English and French languages

    Boot drive C

  • Target B:

    Windows XP Professional [all Service Packs]

    English language

    Boot drive C