Product Documentation

To resolve invalid shortcuts

Dec 17, 2015

If a message appears referring to invalid shortcuts, the profiler did not install the applications referred to by the shortcuts in the list. Whether or not this is an error depends on which programs you intend to publish.

Important: Files that exist on the profiler workstation's hard drive are not installed in targets.

Even if the profiler workstation appears clean and has no installed applications other than the profiler, sometimes essential programs like antivirus software include other program installations. In addition, some uninstallers do not remove all program files from the hard drive.

What should you do?

  • If the missing application is not needed for your publishing, do nothing. Click OK and proceed.
  • If the missing application is one that you intend to publish, cancel the wizard, exit the profiler, and remove the existing files from the profiler workstation. Then repeat the profiling operation.