Product Documentation

To check for launch prerequisites

Dec 17, 2015

After testing a profile, if you determine that user devices must have certain applications installed locally to run the application, such as a version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can enable a pre-launch analysis of the user device. When enabled, if a user device does not have the prerequisites for the profiled application to run correctly, profile execution stops and alerts the user of the problem.

To specify these requirements, from the Edit menu, select Profile Properties and use the Pre-launch Analysis page and check Enable pre-launch analysis to inspect the user device for prerequisites before streaming the profiled application. By default, you define analysis for a profile and all its targets.

If you determine that a target requires an analysis that is different from the default for the profile, select Edit > Target Properties, clear the Use profile settings check box, and specify the analysis for the target.

On the Pre-launch Analysis page, click Add Item under the section appropriate to what you want to add: Applications and files or Registry entries.

The prerequisites that pre-launch analysis can look at are:

  • Applications and versions (specific or a range)
  • Binary files and versions (specific or a range)
  • Registry entries