Product Documentation

To view File Type Associations set in a profile

Dec 17, 2015

Specify the File Type Associations (FTAs) initially in the profiling wizard. FTAs are used during application publishing so that opening a file of a certain type on the user device invokes this streamed application. The profiler detects FTAs automatically for the application (adding custom FTAs is not supported in the profiler).

To view or modify the setting later, from the navigation panel, select the profile; from the Edit menu, select Profile Properties; and from the navigation pane, select File Types.

The File Types page displays the following information:

  • File type extension.
  • Description of the file type.
  • Application invoked by the file.
  • Whether or not the application is currently available to users. Use the options on the page to view the details about file types for each target in the profile.

To modify these properties, update the target in which the application is installed.