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To edit the profile name, description, or location

Dec 17, 2015

You set the name, description, and location of the profile while using the profiling wizard.

To view or modify the setting later, from the navigation panel, select the profile; from the Edit menu, select Profile Properties; and from the navigation pane, select General.

This page displays the following information about a profile:

  • Profile name. Manifest name of the profile. To modify the name or folder location on the file share, select File > Save as, and enter the new Profile name or path; for example, a UNC might be: \\hostname\FileShare\Profile Name\Profile Name.profile.
  • Description. Add or modify a description of the profile.
  • Location. The storage location of the profile.
  • Size. The size of the profile.
  • Created. The date set by the profiler.
  • Last updated. The date set by the profiler.