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Creating Application Profiles

Dec 17, 2015

A profile is an application packaged for streaming using the Citrix Streaming Profiler. A profile can contain a single application or suite of applications. For example, you can profile Microsoft Word by itself or profile the entire Microsoft Office suite in a single profile, or you can profile applications separately and link them with inter-isolation communication. To create profiles, you must install the Streaming Profiler on a clean, independent computer, called the profiler workstation. The profiling wizard records the installation of applications and the metadata needed to stream the profiled applications. The profiler bundles files and configuration settings in what becomes the application profile.

Individual targets within a profile represent one or more defined user environments. The initial target matches the environment of the profiling workstation; however, you can create multiple targets to match specific user environments. For example, some commercial applications are capable of running on multiple operating systems and languages, while others, such as custom applications, might be capable of running only on a particular target operating system and language.

Important: Applications compiled as 64-bit applications are now supported for streaming on all the supported 64-bit platforms.

Depending on the environment of your users, you have the option to profile prerequisites, such as Java Runtime Environment, with the profiled application. In some cases, you might find it necessary to profile certain applications together to ensure functionality among applications or to apply a range of compatibility settings to ensure profiled applications launch and run successfully. In addition, you can use the profiler to link existing profiles using inter-isolation communication so that applications interact as needed, even though they are running in isolation environments.

After you create a profile and save it to a file share in your App Hub, configure users and publish the application in the profile for streaming using the publishing wizard in the Citrix AppCenter. When a user launches an application published to stream to the user device, the Citrix Plug-in running on the user device automatically chooses the correct target that matches the configuration of the user device.

For information on specific topics, refer to these documents on the Citrix Knowledge Center:
Note: The Streaming Profiler SDK offers a set of COM objects and .NET interfaces that give Citrix customers, distributors, and partners a programmatic interface into the profiler. For information, download the SDK and Readme from the Citrix Developer Network Web site at