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Jun 01, 2016

AppDNA 7.9 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Import applications workflow enhancements

Improvements to the import applications workflow provide feedback on the progress of server-side processing and the flexibility to add and cancel imports.

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Select Import > Applications > Browse. Select the applications, then Add to import queue (Auto-analyze is disabled in this example). Improvements in this release include:

  • View the server-side process status in the Progress column.
  • Add new imports while other application imports are in progress. Note: The Add to import queue button is available when the cursor highlights an application import which has finished or been canceled.
  • Cancel an import. If the import is canceled during client-side processing, the Canceled status displays once the MSI extraction is complete.

For more information, see the Direct Import article.

Compliance Manager module

The Compliance Manager module helps you understand if applications that you are planning to deploy into your IT infrastructure could introduce security risks. This module contains an initial set of algorithms and reports, which will be extended in the future. This is a feature for evaluation in this release and should not be used to make decisions to deploy applications to the production environment. Share feedback on the module's accuracy, coverage and relevance in the AppDNA discussion forums.

New algorithms assess security and compliance issues caused by outdated runtime and compiler versions (included with Visual Studio versions older than 2005). Algorithms included also assess applications which reference components that have been deprecated due to security vulnerabilities, for example Debugging functions.

To view the algorithms, select Configure > Modules > Compliance Manager.

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Reports offer analysis and drill-down by application of the issues identified.

Once you have imported and analyzed the applications, you can view the reports from Reports: Applications > Compliance Manager > Security

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Drill down on individual applications for more detail.

Web client access to application attributes forms

Application attribute forms, introduced in AppDNA 7.8, allow you to create named collections of attributes for tagging and classifying applications. For example, create application attributes for license costs and renewal dates, then group them in an application attribute form called Licensing. To view and update the application attributes, right-click the application, select Properties then click the tab for the application attributes form you created - for example, Licensing.

This release adds access to application attribute forms from the AppDNA web client. From the web client, select Applications, highlight an application and select Properties.

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For more information, see the Application attributes forms article.