Product Documentation

Fixed issues

May 31, 2016

The following issues have been resolved at this release of AppDNA:

  • Trying to add large attachments made AppDNA unresponsive and produced a 'System out of memory exception' error.
  • Login error with invalid username and password if autologin was set prior to upgrade.
  • Importing a desktop MSI application in AppDNA produced the warning "Failed to complete Extraction of details due to error, 'System.OutOfMemoryException'".
  • MSIGenerator wrapped an application as a Web application.
  • ADConfigMgrExportTool produced an exception while trying to export data from System Center Configuration Manager 2012.
  • Product Configuration Wizard System Check screen is not refreshed and contains CEIP screen information for Reconfigure Add a Database option.
  • In the Upgrade Cobia Database wizard, clicking Next or Choose Database page did not progress to the next step of the wizard.
  • Direct MSI import is not honoring a .MST import for some applications.
  • AppDNA quickDB installation will not continue if the AppDNA server installation folder path contains an apostrophe (').
  • The creation of a Patch Impact Analysis solution did not work if the patch EXE file size exceeded 550MB.
  • A delay of 5-10 seconds was experienced between selecting applications and enabling of controls.