Product Documentation

Known issues

May 31, 2016

The following issues are known at this release of AppDNA. 

  • Algorithm VFILE_001 takes longer than expected (more than a day) to analyze on SQL Server compatibility 2014 (120). To work around this issue:
    1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, and right click the AppDNA database node in the object explorer.
    2. Select Properties > Options, and change the Compatibility Level option to SQL Server 2012 (110).

Alternatively, disable the algorithm though the module Configuration screen in AppDNA.

  • Following an application import, the Analyze and Delete buttons are disabled. The workaround is to reselect the applications to analyze or go to the Application list screen and select Analyze.
  • When an Active Directory or System Center Configuration Manager mapped application is deleted, an Object reference error is displayed. You can ignore this error and continue working.
  • During an MSI import, applications are not assigned to groups. To work around this issue, manually add the applications to any required groups after import.
  • The PDF report export does not work for AppDisk reports opened in Studio. The same reports and PDF exports are available through the AppDNA client by navigating to the AppDisk solution which represents your XenDesktop Delivery Group.
  • MSI applications do not have an execution profile selected when trying to import through install capture. Although the list does not contain an entry, the default execution profile (snapshot) will be used. Note, if you have access to an MSI installation, Citrix recommends that you do a direct import of the installer rather than an install capture.
  • Install Capture is not honoring the option to turn off the Autoclick feature. To work around this issue, modify your execution profile to remove the Launch Command step. When the Install Capture VM has started up and captured the baseline snapshot, manually browse to the installation media and begin the installation.
  • AppDNA database upgrade from the command line fails during database logon step. To work around this issue:
    • Browse to the directory where AppDNA's website is located, C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\AppDNA\Server.
    • Open the web .config and delete the items in bold below:

        <section name="appTitudeDatabasesConfiguration" type="AppDNA.ASM.Common.WebConfig.AppTitudeDatabasesConfiguration, AppDNA.ASM.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" />
            <dbConfig id="10832a26-644b-4fc9-8652-fccadca6e9ea" serverInstance="ASERVER2012"
                name="AppDNADB" serverType="MSSQL" sqlUser="" sqlEncryptedPassword=""
                sqlTimeout="6000" sqlQueryTimeout="6000" sqlLongTimeout="86400"
                sqlBulkCopyTimeout="1800" />