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Verifying and Testing Application Configuration

Aug 31, 2016

Verifying the Configuration

The NetScaler configuration utility includes icons that indicate the states of the entities in the AppExpert application. These icons are displayed for applications and application units and are based on the health checks that the NetScaler appliance performs periodically on services and entities. The following table lists the icons and describes their meanings.

Table 1. Descriptions of State Indicator Icons



Indicates that




At least one public endpoint is up. The application will accept client requests from the public endpoints that are up.

Application unit

The application unit is up. The application unit is up when at least one service or service group is up.




The public endpoint is out of service (disabled). This indicator is displayed when only one public endpoint is configured for the AppExpert application.




All the endpoints that are configured for the application are out of service. This indicator is displayed only when multiple endpoints are configured for the application.

Application unit

All the services configured for the application unit are down.

You must ensure that the icons for each application and its application units are green at all times. If the icon that is displayed for an application is not green, verify that you have configured the public endpoints correctly. If the icon that is displayed for an application unit is not green, verify that the services are configured correctly. However, note that a green indicator does not mean that the state of all associated entities is UP. It only means that the application has sufficient resources (endpoints and services) to serve client requests. To verify that the state of all associated entities is UP, check the health of all the entities on the statistics page for the application.