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AppQoE Parameters

Aug 31, 2016

In the AppQoE parameters, you configure the session life of an AppQoE session, the file name of the file containing the customized response, and the number of client connections that can be placed in a queue.

To configure the AppQoE parameter settings by using the command line

At the command prompt, type the following commands:
  • set appqoe parameter [-sessionLife <secs>] [-avgwaitingclient <positive_integer>] [-MaxAltRespBandWidth <positive_integer>] [-dosAttackThresh <positive_integer>]
  • show appqoe parameter

Parameters for configuring the AppQoE parameters


Number of seconds to wait after displaying alternate content before the ADC displays the same content again. Default value: 300 Maximum Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 4,294,967,294

The average number of client requests that can be in the service waiting queue. Default value: 1000000 Maximum value: 4,294,967,294
The maximum bandwidth to consume when sending alternate responses. If the maximum is reached, the ADC quits sending the alternate content til bandwidth consumption drops. Default value: 100 Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 4,294,967,294
The denial-of-service attack threshold. The number of connections that must be waiting in queues before the ADC responds with DoS protection measures. Default value: 2000 Minimum value: 0 Maximum value: 4,294,967,294

To configure the AppQoE parameter settings by using the configuration utility

  1. Navigate to AppExpert > AppQoE.
  2. In the details pane, click Configure AppQoE Parameters.
  3. In the Configure AppQoE params screen, type or select values for the parameters. The contents of the dialog box correspond to the parameters described in "Parameters for configuring the AppQoE Parameters" as follows (asterisk indicates a required parameter):
    • Session Life (secs)—sessionLife
    • Average waiting client—avgwaitingclient
    • Alternate Response Bandwidth Limit(Mbps) —MaxAltRespBandWidth
    • DOS Attack Threshold —dosAttackThresh
  4. Click OK.