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Default Syntax Expressions: Working with Dates, Times, and Numbers

Aug 31, 2016

Most numeric data that the NetScaler appliance processes consists of dates and times. In addition to working with dates and times, the appliance processes other numeric data, such as the lengths of HTTP requests and responses. To process this data, you can configure default syntax expressions that process numbers.

A numeric expression consists of an expression prefix that returns a number and sometimes, but not always, an operator that can perform an operation on the number. Examples of expression prefixes that return numbers are SYS.TIME.DAY, HTTP.REQ.CONTENT_LENGTH, and HTTP.RES.BODY.LENGTH. Numeric operators can work with any prefix expression that returns data in numeric format. The GT(<int>) operator, for example, can be used with any prefix expression, such as HTTP.REQ.CONTENT_LENGTH, that returns an integer. Numeric expression prefixes and operators are also covered in "Compound Operations for Numbers" and "Default Syntax Expressions: Parsing HTTP, TCP, and UDP Data."