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Classic Expressions in Default Syntax Expressions

Aug 31, 2016

Classic expressions describe basic characteristics of traffic. In some cases, you may want to use a classic expression in a default syntax expression. You can do so with the default syntax expression configuration tool. This can be helpful when manually migrating the older classic expressions to the default syntax.

Note that when you upgrade the NetScaler to version 9.0 or higher, Integrated Caching policies are automatically upgraded to default syntax policies, and the expressions in these policies are upgraded to the default syntax.

The following is the syntax for all default syntax expressions that use a classic expression:


Following are examples of the SYS.EVAL_CLASSIC_EXPR("expression") expression:

sys.eval_classic_expr("req.ssl.client.cipher.bits > 1000") 
sys.eval_classic_expr("url contains abc") 
sys.eval_classic_expr("req.ip.sourceip == -netmask") 
sys.eval_classic_expr("time >= *:30:00GMT") 
sys.eval_classic_expr("e1 || e2") 
sys.eval_classic_expr("req.http.urllen > 50") 
sys.eval_classic_expr("dayofweek == wedGMT")