Product Documentation

Web Services Interoperability Check

Aug 31, 2016

The Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) check examines both requests and responses for adherence to the WS-I standard, and blocks those requests and responses that do not adhere to this standard. The purpose of the WS-I check is to block requests that might not interact with other XML appropriately. An attacker can use inconsistencies in interoperability to launch an attack on your XML application.

If you use the wizard or the configuration utility, in the Modify Web Services Interoperability Check dialog box, on the General tab you can enable or disable the Block, Log, Statistics, and Learn actions.

If you use the command-line interface, you can enter the following command to configure the Web Services Interoperability check:

  • set appfw profile <name> -xmlWSIAction [block] [log] [learn] [stats] [none]

To configure individual Web Services Interoperability rules, you must use the configuration utility. On the Checks tab of the Modify Web Services Interoperability Check dialog box, select a rule and click Enable or Disable to enable or disable the rule. You can also click Open to open the Web Services Interoperability Detail message box for that rule. The message box displays read-only information about the rule. You cannot modify or make other configuration changes to any of these rules.