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Backplane on LA Channel

Aug 31, 2016

In this deployment, LA channels are used for the cluster backplane.

NS0 - nodeId: 0, NSIP:

NS1 - nodeId: 1, NSIP:

NS2 - nodeId: 2, NSIP:

To deploy a cluster with the backplane interfaces as LA channels

  1. Create a cluster of nodes NS0, NS1, and NS2.
    1. Log on to the first node that you want to add to the cluster and do the following:
      create cluster instance 1 
      add cluster node 0 -state ACTIVE 
      enable cluster instance 1 
      add ns ip -type CLIP 
      save ns config 
      reboot -warm
    2. Log on to the cluster IP address and do the following:
      add cluster node 1 -state ACTIVE 
      add cluster node 2 -state ACTIVE
    3. Log on to the nodes and to join the nodes to the cluster.
      join cluster -clip -password nsroot 
      save ns config 
      reboot -warm

    As seen in the above commands the interfaces 0/1/1, 1/1/1, and 2/1/1 are configured as the backplane interfaces of the three cluster nodes.

  2. Log on to the cluster IP address and do the following:
    1. Create the LA channels for nodes NS0 and NS1.
      add channel 0/LA/1 -ifnum 0/1/1 0/1/2 
      add channel 1/LA/2 -ifnum 1/1/1 1/1/2
    2. Configure the backplane for the cluster nodes.
      set cluster node 0 -backplane 0/LA/1 
      set cluster node 1 -backplane 1/LA/2 
      set cluster node 2 -backplane 2/1/1