Product Documentation

Monitoring NNTP Services

Aug 31, 2016

The NetScaler appliance has one built-in monitor that can be used to monitor NNTP services: the NNTP monitor. It periodically checks the NNTP service to which it is bound by connecting to the service and checking for the existence of the newsgroup that you specify. If the newsgroup exists, the search is successful and the service is marked UP. If the NNTP service does not respond or the search fails, the service is marked DOWN.

Note: Monitor probes originate from the NetScaler IP (NSIP) address.

The NNTP monitor can optionally be configured to post a test message to the newsgroup as well.




User name on the RADIUS/NNTP/FTP/FTP-EXTENDED/MYSQL/POP3 server. This user name is used in the probe.


Password used in monitoring RADIUS/NNTP/FTP/FTP-EXTENDED/MYSQL/POP3/LDAP servers.


Group name to be queried for NNTP monitor.

To configure the built-in NNTP monitor, see Configuring Monitors in a Load Balancing Setup.