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Configuring a Load Balancing Virtual Server for the Cache

Aug 31, 2016

Create a load balancing virtual server and an HTTP service for each type of cache server that will be used. For example, if you want to serve JPEG files from one cache server and GIF files from another cache server, and use a third cache server for the rest of the content, create an HTTP service and virtual server for each of the three types of cache servers. Then bind each service to its respective virtual server.

For details on how to create a load balancing virtual server, see "Creating a Virtual Server."

For details on how to configure services that represent the cache server, see "Configuring an HTTP Service."

For details on how to bind the service to a virtual server, see "Binding/Unbinding a Service to/from a Load Balancing Virtual Server."

For details on how to create a transparent proxy cache redirection server, see "Configuring a Cache Redirection Virtual Server", and create a virtual server of type TRANSPARENT.

For details on binding built-in cache redirection policies to the cache redirection virtual server, see "Binding Policies to the Cache Redirection Virtual Server."

Configuring a Cache Redirection Policy for a Specific Type of Content

To identify requests that contain a .gif or .jpeg extension as cacheable, you configure a cache redirection policy and bind it to the cache redirection virtual server.

Note: If a request matches a policy, the NetScaler appliance forwards it to the origin server. As a result, in the following procedure, you configure policies to match requests that do not have ".gif" or ".jpeg" extensions.

To configure cache redirection for a specific type of content, configure a policy that uses a simple expression, as described in "Configuring a Cache Redirection Policy."