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Configuring Static Large Scale NAT64 Maps

Aug 30, 2016

The NetScaler appliance supports manual creation of NAT64 mappings, which contain the mapping between the following information:

  • Subscriber's IP address and port
  • NAT IP address and port

Static Large Scale NAT64 mappings are useful in cases where you want to ensure that the IPv4 connections initiated to a NAT IP address:port are IPv6 translated and mapped to the subscriber IP address:port (for example, web servers located in the internal network).

To create a Large Scale NAT64 mapping by using the command line

At the command prompt, type:

  • add lsn static <name> <transportprotocol> <subscrIP> <subscrPort>  [<natIP> [<natPort>]] [-destIP <ip_addr> [-dsttd <positive_integer>]]
  • show lsn static