Product Documentation

Exception Handling

Sep 08, 2016
The status of a NITRO request is captured in the com.citrix.netscaler.nitro.exception.nitro_exception class. This class provides the following details of the exception:
  • Session ID. The session in which the exception occurred.
  • Severity. The severity of the exception: error or warning. By default, only errors are captured. To capture warnings, you must set the warning flag to true, while connecting to the appliance.
  • Error code. The status of the NITRO request. An error code of 0 indicates that the NITRO request is successful. A non-zero error code indicates an error in processing the NITRO request.
  • Error message. Provides a brief description of the exception.

For a list of error codes, see the errorlisting.html file available in the <NITRO_SDK_HOME>/doc/api_reference folder.