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Resetting Properties of a NetScaler Resource

Sep 01, 2016

To unset the value of an attribute of a NetScaler object or reset it to its default value (similar to the "unset" NetScaler CLI commands), specify the action as "unset" in the URL query string, and in the request payload, specify the value of the attributes to be unset as "true" (boolean).

For example, to unset the load balancing method and the comments attributes of a load balancer virtual server named MyFirstLbVServer:

  • Request:

    HTTP Method
    Request Headers
    Request Payload
  • Response:

    HTTP Status Code on Success
    200 OK
    HTTP Status Code on Failure
    4xx <string> (for general HTTP errors) or 5xx <string> (for NetScaler-specific errors). The response payload provides details of the error.