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General API Usage

Sep 08, 2016

NetScaler resources are organized into a set of packages or namespaces. Each package or namespace corresponds to a NetScaler feature. For example, all load-balancing related resources, such as load balancing virtual server, load balancing group, and load balancing monitor are available in

Note: For the python SDK, the package path is of the form

Similarly, all application firewall related resources, such as application firewall policy and application firewall archive are available in com.citrix.netscaler.nitro.resource.config.appfw.

Each NetScaler resource is represented by a class. For example, the class that represents a load balancing virtual server is called lbvserver (in The state of a resource is represented by properties of a class. You can get and set the properties of the class.

Note: The setter and getter properties are always executed locally on the client. They do not involve any network interaction with the NITRO web service. All properties have basic simple types: integer, long, boolean, and string.