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Offloading HTTP Compression to the NetScaler ADC

Sep 01, 2016

Performing compression on a server can affect the server’s performance. A NetScaler ADC placed in front of your web servers and configured for HTTP compression offloads compression of both static and dynamic content, saving server CPU cycles and resources.

You can offload compression from the Web servers in either of two ways:
  • Disable compression on the web servers, enable the NetScaler Compression feature at a global level, and configure services for compression.
  • Leave the compression feature enabled on the web servers and configure the NetScaler appliance to remove the “Accept Encoding” header from all HTTP client requests. The servers then send uncompressed responses. The NetScaler ADC compresses the server responses before sending them to the clients.
Note: The second option does not work if the servers automatically compress all responses. The NetScaler ADC does not attempt to compress a response that is already compressed.
The Servercmp parameter enables the Netscaler appliance to handle offload HTTP compression. By default, this parameter is set ON for the server to send compressed data to the Netscaler appliance. To offload HTTP compression, you need to set the servercmp parameter to OFF. At the command prompt, enter the following commands:

set service <service name> -CMP YES

Repeat this command for each service for which you want to enable compression.

show service <service name>

Repeat this command for each service, to verify that compression is enabled.

Save config

set cmp parameter –serverCmp OFF