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Advantages of Selectors

Sep 01, 2016

A selector is a filter that locates particular objects in a content group. If you do not configure a selector, the Citrix® NetScaler® appliance looks for an exact match in the content group. This can lead to multiple copies of the same object residing in a content group. For example, a content group that does not have a selector may need to store URLs for\mypage.htm,\mypage.htm, and\mypage.htm. In contrast, a selector can match just the URL (mypage.html, using the expression http.req.url) and the domain (.com, using the expression http.req.hostname.domain), allowing the requests to be satisfied by the same URL.

Selector expressions can perform simple matching of parameters (for example, to find objects that match a few query string parameters and their values). A selector expression can use Boolean logic, arithmetic operations, and combinations of attributes to identify objects (for example, segments of a URL stem, a query string, a string in a POST request body, a string in an HTTP header, a cookie). Selectors can also perform programmatic functions to analyze information in a request. For example, a selector can extract text in a POST body, convert the text into a list, and extract a specific item from the list.

For more information about expressions and what you can specify in an expression, see "Policies and Expressions."