Product Documentation

Setting Up a Basic Content Group

Sep 01, 2016

By default, all cached data is stored in the default content group. You can configure additional content groups and specify these content groups in one or more policies.

You can configure content groups for static content, and you must configure content groups for dynamic content. You can modify the configuration of any content group, including the default group.

To set up a basic content group by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type:

add cache contentgroup <name> (-hitSelector <hitSelectorName> -invalSelector <invalidationSelectorName> | -hitParams <hitParamName> -invalParams <invalidationParamName>) -type <type> [-relExpiry <sec> | -relExpiryMilliSec <msec>] [-heurExpiryParam <positiveInteger>]


> add cache contentgroup Products_Details –hitSelector product_selector –invalSelector id_selector 
> add cache contentgroup bugrep -hitParams IssuePage RecordID Template TableId -invalParams RecordID -relExpiry 864000

To set up a basic content group by using the configuration utility

Navigate to Optimization > Integrated Caching > Content Groups, and create the content group.