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FAQs on Advanced Expressions

Sep 12, 2016

Answers to questions which we frequently get from customers and support folks.

this is for version that is not released.

Q. Can I use a classic expression in an advanced expression?

A. Yes. To do this, <content to be rewritten from>


Q. Can I create an expression such that it can be reused in multiple occurrences?

A. Yes. You will have to create a named expression. To do this, <content to be rewritten from>


Q. Can expressions be used only in policies?

A. No. While expressions are most widely used in policies, there are some other cases where you can use them. <rewrite content from


Q. How to specify the character set in an expression?

A. <rewrite from first part of>


Q. How is a compound expression with different character sets processed?

A. <rewrite from second part of


Q. How can I specify the character set based on the oncoming traffic?

A. <rewrite from third part of>