Product Documentation

ssl ciphersuite

Sep 12, 2016

The following operations can be performed on "ssl ciphersuite":

show ssl ciphersuite

Displays information about all the cipher suites configured on the appliance, or displays detailed information about the specified cipher-suite. A cipher suite comprises a protocol and the following algorithms: key exchange (Kx), authentication (Au), encryption (Enc), and message authentication code (Mac).


show ssl ciphersuite [<cipherName>]



Name of the cipher suite for which to show detailed information.



Cipher suite description.






1) An example of the output of the show ssl cipher SSL3-RC4-MD5 command is as follows: Cipher Name: SSL3-RC4-MD5 Description: SSLv3 Kx=RSA      Au=RSA  Enc=RC4(128)  Mac=MD5 2) This example displays the details of individual ciphers in the system predefinedcipher-alias: SSLv2 (the command show ssl cipher SSLv2 has been entered): 8 configured cipher(s)in alias 1) Cipher Name: SSL2-RC4-MD5    Description: SSLv2 Kx=RSA      Au=RSA  Enc=RC4(128)  Mac=MD5 2) Cipher Name: SSL2-EXP-RC4-MD5    Description: SSLv2 Kx=RSA(512) Au=RSA  Enc=RC4(40)   Mac=MD5 export 3) Cipher Name: SSL2-RC2-CBC-MD5    Description: SSLv2 Kx=RSA      Au=RSA  Enc=RC2(128)  Mac=MD5 4) Cipher Name: SSL2-EXP-RC2-CBC-MD5    Description: SSLv2 Kx=RSA(512) Au=RSA  Enc=RC2(40)   Mac=MD5 export 5) Cipher Name: SSL2-DES-CBC-MD5    Description: SSLv2 Kx=RSA      Au=RSA  Enc=DES(56)   Mac=MD5 6) Cipher Name: SSL2-DES-CBC3-MD5    Description: SSLv2 Kx=RSA      Au=RSA  Enc=3DES(168) Mac=MD5 7) Cipher Name: SSL2-RC4-64-MD5    Description: SSLv2 Kx=RSA      Au=RSA  Enc=RC4(64)   Mac=MD5