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DTLS Profile

Sep 01, 2016

A DTLS profile with the default settings is automatically bound to a DTLS virtual server. However, you can create a new DTLS profile with specific settings to suit your requirement.

To create a DTLS profile by using the command line

  • add ssl dtlsProfile <name>
  • show ssl dtlsProfile<name>


> add dtlsProfile dtls1 -helloVerifyRequest ENABLED -maxretryTime 4 
> show dtlsProfile dtls1 
1)      Name: dtls1 
        PMTU Discovery: DISABLED 
        Max Record Size: 1460 bytes 
        Max Retry Time: 4 sec 
        Hello Verify Request: ENABLED 
        Terminate Session: DISABLED 
        Max Packet Count: 120 bytes 

To create a DTLS profile by using the configuration utility

Navigate to System > Profiles > DTLS Profiles and configure a new profile.