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Configuring ECDHE Ciphers

Sep 01, 2016

The Citrix NetScaler VPX, MPX, SDX, and FIPS appliances support the ECDHE cipher group in release 10.5 build 53.9 or later. On an SDX appliance, if an SSL chip is assigned to a VPX instance, the cipher support of an MPX appliance applies. Otherwise, the normal cipher support of a VPX instance applies. For a complete list of ciphers supported by the NetScaler appliance, see Ciphers Supported by the NetScaler Appliance.

For a list of ECDHE ciphers supported on NetScaler appliances, see Cipher/Protocol Support Matrix on the NetScaler Appliance.

ECDHE cipher suites use elliptical curve cryptography (ECC). Because of its smaller key size, ECC is especially useful in a mobile (wireless) environment or an interactive voice response environment, where every millisecond is important. Smaller key sizes save power, memory, bandwidth, and computational cost.

A NetScaler appliance supports the following ECC curves:
  • P_256
  • P_384
  • P_224
  • P_521
NoteIf you upgrade from a build earlier than release 10.1 build 121.10, you must explicitly bind ECC curves to your existing SSL virtual servers or front end services. The curves are bound by default to any virtual servers or front end services that you create after the upgrade.

You can bind an ECC curve to SSL front-end entities only. By default all four curves are bound, in the following order: P_256, P_384,P_224,P_521. To change the order, you must first unbind all the curves, and then bind them in the desired order.

To unbind ECC curves and bind an ECC curve to an SSL virtual server by using the command line

At the command prompt, type:

  • unbind ssl vserver <vServerName> -eccCurveName ALL
  • bind ssl vserver <vServerName> -eccCurveName <eccCurveName>


unbind ssl vs v1 –eccCurvename ALL 
bind ssl vserver  v1 -eccCurveName P_224 
> sh ssl vserver v1 
	Advanced SSL configuration for VServer v1: 
	Ephemeral RSA: ENABLED		Refresh Count: 0 
	Session Reuse: ENABLED		Timeout: 120 seconds 
	Cipher Redirect: DISABLED 
	SSLv2 Redirect: DISABLED 
	ClearText Port: 0 
	Client Auth: DISABLED 
	SSL Redirect: DISABLED 
	Non FIPS Ciphers: DISABLED 
	Push Encryption Trigger: Always 
	Send Close-Notify: YES 
	ECC Curve: P_224 
1)	Cipher Name: DEFAULT 
	Description: Predefined Cipher Alias