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Converting the Format of SSL Certificates for Import or Export

Sep 01, 2016

A NetScaler appliance supports the PEM and DER formats for SSL certificates. Other applications, such as client browsers and some external secure servers, require various public key cryptography standard (PKCS) formats. The NetScaler can convert the PKCS#12 format (the personal information exchange syntax standard) to PEM or DER format for importing a certificate to the appliance, and can convert PEM or DER to PKCS#12 for exporting a certificate. For additional security, conversion of a file for import can include encryption of the private key with the DES or DES3 algorithm.

Note: If you use the configuration utility to import a PKCS#12 certificate, and the password contains a dollar sign ($), backquote (`), or escape (\) character, the import may fail. If it does, the ERROR: Invalid password message appears. If you must use a special character in the password, be sure to prefix it with an escape character (\) unless all imports are performed by using the NetScaler command line.

To convert the format of a certificate by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type the following command:

Convert ssl pkcs12 <outfile> [-import [-pkcs12File <inputFilename>] [-des | -des3] [-export [-certFile <inputFilename>] [-keyFile <inputFilename>]] During the operation, you are prompted to enter an import password or an export password. For an encrypted file, you are also prompted to enter a passphrase.


convert ssl pkcs12 Cert-Import-1.pem -import -pkcs12File Cert-Import-1.pfx -des  
convert ssl pkcs12 Cert-Client-1.pfx -export -certFile Cert-Client-1 -keyFile Key-Client-1  

To convert the format of a certificate by using the configuration utility

Navigate to Traffic Management > SSL and, in the Tools group, select Import PKCS#12 or Export PKCS#12.