Product Documentation

Deprecated features

Aug 30, 2017

The following features are currently in the latest version of Provisioning Services, but will be removed in subsequent releases:

  • Printer Management
  • BDM secure boot
  • Cache type for vDisk properties
    • RAM disk not supported at Elektra (removing service (resides reg key)
    • Client persist

Printer management

The Printer Management feature will be removed from future releases of Provisioning Services. This feature is accessible in the vDisk Properties screen:

localized image

BDM secure boot

The term BDM Secure Boot has been replaced with Protect SDB. This parameter represents the same level of functionality, and is accessible in the Boot Device Management Screen:

localized image

To use this feature:

  1. Select the Protect SBD checkbox.
  2. Optionally select Generate random password (make Media Write-Once), then enter the password and confirmation.
  3. Click Burn to create the bootable device.

Cache type for vDisk properties

An option has been removed from the Cache type field in the vDisk Properties window. The option Cache on device hard disk is no longer available from the drop down menu because it does not support ASLR . The replacement for this field is Cache in device RAM with overflow on hard disk.

In addition, the option cache on device hard disk persisted has also been removed from the choice of available Cache types:

localized image