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Fixed issues

Nov 22, 2016

Compared to: Provisioning Services 7.11

Provisioning Services 7.12 contains all fixes that were included in Provisioning Services 7, 7.1, 7.67.7, 7.87.9, and 7.11 plus the following, new fixes:

Console Issues

  • A user on PVS 7.8 with "Farm Administrator" rights might not be able to connect to the server farm unless the account is in the same domain as the security group with the "Farm Administrator" rights.


  • Attempts to create an ISO with the New-BootDeviceManager PowerShell script can fail and the following error message appears: "ISOFileName must be called with the name of the new ISO file to create."


  • After upgrading to PVS 7.11 from version 7.6, users in other domains might not be able to log on to the console.


Server Issues

  • Soapserver process is consuming more than 13 GB of RAM.

  • Two PVS servers might not be able to see the replication status of a vDisk on the opposite server, but each server shows the status of its own vDisks properly.


  • PVS servers occasionally appear with the status "Server Unreachable" in the Replication Status window.


  • When running replication status for two PVS servers from the PVS console, the status for both servers is shown as incomplete.


  • The BNPXE Server that enables the target devices to start from the network binds to the IP address This prevents target devices from booting. This issue can happen when BNPXE enumerates the network interfaces, but the operating system has not discovered all the interfaces yet and only returns


  • Attempts to start target devices might fail when using HP Moonshot systems.


Target Device Issues

  • When creating a personal vDisk, a "Personal vDisk cannot start" error dialog appears after the machine is booted and a formatted disk cannot be used due to an "unknown format" error.