Product Documentation

Known issues

Sep 14, 2016
  • When using UEFI, virtual machines provisioned by the XenDesktop Setup Wizard will always get a Windows file entry added by UEFI as the first item in the boot list; this issue has no operational impact on PVS. [#635768]
  • PVS imaging wizard versions 7.7 and 7.8 cannot connect to a PVS 7.9 server. [#620466]
  • The PVS virtual machine streaming wizard does not support Hyper-V Gen 2 virtual machines.
  • Virtual machines provisioned by PVS do not support secure boot for Gen 2 virtual machines in scenarios where Gen 2 targets the template being used; secure boot should be disabled.
  • The XenDesktop Setup Wizard used for HDD BDM booting does not format the write cache drive in virtual machines using secure boot.
  • If you upgrade a PVS server and select “Join existing farm” the configuration wizard always prompts you to upgrade the database even though it is already upgraded.
  • IW fails with a fatal error when the system has a USB key attached to it.

Consider the following issues when using the Linux streaming feature:

  • Linux client names must be close to those used in the PVS server.
  • The Linux client's system clock must be synchronized with the active directory contoller.
  • UEFI is not supported.
  • VMM is not supported.
  • The write cache drive must have the label PVS_Cache for it to be used as a write cache. The entire partition will be used. 
  • This feature is only supported on English versions of the Linux OS.
  • The following Linux distributions are currently supported:
    • SLES 12.1
    • CentOS/RHEL 7
  • SE Linux is not supported.
  • Targets running on XenServer must run in HVM mode.


All Linux installations must be done under root. Refer to the installation article for more information.