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Sep 28, 2016

The Citrix License Server must be installed on a server within the farm that is able to communicate with all Provisioning Servers within the farm. You must use the most recent version of the Citrix License server to get the latest features.

Consider the following options when deciding which server to use as the license server:
  • Single System: Same system as Provisioning Services; for evaluations, test labs, or implementations with one Citrix product.
  • Stand-alone: Separate system that has an existing license server installed; for larger implementations or implementations using multiple Citrix products.
  • Point to an existing license server.

For licensing information, see Licensing Your Product.

Licensing Grace Periods

Note: When upgrading an existing environment to the newest version of Provisioning Services, you must upgrade to the latest version of the licensing server or the product license will enter a 96-hour grace period and new product features will be unavailable.
There are three types of grace periods provided by Citrix Licensing. Provisioning Services implements these grace periods as follows:
  • Start up license from license server is 30 days (720 hours): Initial installation of the licensing server provides start up licenses for all Citrix products. Start up licenses expire after 30 days. The 30 day count down does not begin until the product prompts you for the start up license for the first time. Provisioning Services product licenses must be installed during this period. A start up license for a Citrix product is voided if a license for that product is installed, regardless of whether it is valid or invalid.
  • No Valid License Grace Period for target devices is four days (96 hours). During this grace period, all provisioned target devices, including new, restarted, and currently running devices, receive a 96 hour license countdown and an hourly reminder from Citrix License Management. All target devices are shut down when the countdown ends. This grace period may apply in the following scenarios:
    • No valid edition licenses for XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer, Essentials for Hyper-V or Provisioning Services are available, and any start up license from the license server have already been used and are expired.
    • Licenses are available, but have expired (applies to Evaluation, and NFR license).
    • The Subscription Advantage expiration date of the licenses precedes the eligibility date for the version of Provisioning Services in use.
    • Incompatible license server version. The version of Citrix License Server is not compatible with the installed version of Provisioning Services. The minimum supported Citrix License Server version is 11.12.0 for Provisioning Services 7.6.
  • License server Connectivity Outage Grace Period is 30 days (720 hours): If connectivity to the Citrix License Server is lost, Provisioning Services will continue to provision systems for a period of 30 days. If this grace period lapses, existing target device sessions continue to run, but new or restarted provisioning sessions will be subject to the 'No Valid License Grace Period' message on the provisioned client.

Installing the License Server

Download the latest version of Citrix Licensing Server from the download page at
Note: If Provisioning Services is installed after the license server or if new licenses are added, the Stream Service must be restarted.