Product Documentation

Installing Printers on a vDisk

Sep 28, 2016

Printers must be installed on the vDisk image before the printers are available to target devices booting from that disk. Printers can only be added to the top-level differencing disk version while it is under Maintenance or if it is a Private Image. If a device boots from a previous version, the printer configuration may not match.

To install printers on the vDisk:

  1. Change the vDisk image mode to Private Image mode.
  2. Install the required printers on the target device that is using the vDisk.
  3. Perform a clean shut-down of the target device that is using the vDisk.
  4. If this vDisk is shared by users, change the vDisk image mode back to Shared Image mode.
  5. Verify that the printers display in the Console:
    1. Right-click on the target device, select the Properties menu option.
    2. Select the vDisks tab, then click on the Printers button. Printers associated with that vDisk should appear in the list of available printers.
After successfully installing printers, the next step is to enable printers for target devices that access this vDisk (for details, refer to enable printers for target devices).