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Disabling Write Cache to Improve Performance When Using Storage Device Drives

Sep 28, 2016
Disable write caching to improve the performance when writing from a Provisioning Server to storage device drives such as an IDE or SATA drive.

In Windows, to disable write caching on the server hard drive for the storage device on which your vDisks are stored:

  1. On the Provisioning Server, open the Control Panel. Select Administrative Tools>Computer Management.
  2. Double-click the Disk Management node in the tree.
  3. Right-click the storage device for which Windows write caching will be disabled.
  4. Select Properties, then click the Hardware tab.
  5. Click the Properties button.
  6. Click the Policies tab.
  7. Clear the Enable write caching on the disk checkbox.
  8. Click OK, then click OK again.
  9. Close the Computer Management window, then the Administrative Tools window.
  10. Right-click the Provisioning Server node in the Console, then click Restart service. Alternatively, you can also re-run the Configuration Wizard to re-start the services, or manually restart the services through the Windows Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services window. (At the Services window, right-click on the Stream Service, then select Start from the shortcut menu.)