Product Documentation

Starting, Stopping, or Restarting Provisioning Services

Sep 28, 2016

To start or stop SOAP or Stream Services on a Provisioning Server, the user the services are running under must have Windows permissions to control those services. This limitation is due to Window's security issue.

To work around this issue, install the subinacl tool from Microsoft, then use the following command line to set the permissions on the StreamService: subinacl /service streamservice /grant=NetworkService=TOP.

To start, stop, or restart Provisioning Services on a Provisioning Server:

  1. Highlight the Provisioning Server in the Console, than select the Stream Services menu option from the Actions menu, right-click menu, or Actions pane. The Provisioning Server Control dialog appears.
  2. Select from the following menu options:
    Option Description
    Start Starts the Stream Service
    Stop Places the Provisioning Server in off-line mode
    Restart After modifying Provisioning Server settings, such as adding or removing IPs, restart the Stream Service
  3. Highlight the Provisioning Servers that you want to take action on, then click that action's button.
  4. Click Close to exit the dialog.