Product Documentation

Set the Target Device as the Template for this Collection

Sep 28, 2016
A target device can be set as the template for new target devices that are added to a collection. A new target device inherits the properties from the template target device, which allows you to quickly add new devices to a collection.
Note: Target devices that use personal vDisks are created and added to a collection when the XenDesktop Setup Wizard is run. If a target device template exists, it is ignored when the target device that uses a personal vDisk is added to the collection.

To set a target device as the template device for a collection, in the Console, right-click on the target device, then select Set device as template.

Note: Disable the target device that serves as the template to permit all target devices using this template to be added to the database, but not permit the target device to boot. Target devices receive a message requesting that they first contact the administrator before being allowed to boot. A ‘T’ appears in light blue on the device serving as the template. New target devices automatically have a name generated and all other properties will be taken from the default template target device. No user interaction is required.