Product Documentation

Upgrading a Provisioning Services Farm

Sep 28, 2016

Provisioning Services supports upgrading to the latest product version from versions starting with 6.1.

Before attempting to upgrade a Provisioning Services farm:
  • Select a maintenance window that has the least amount of traffic.
  • Backup the Provisioning Services database.
  • Backup all vDisks.
Remember: Mirror if you are in a high-availability scenario; for more information, see Database Mirroring. No special action is required during the upgrade once mirroring is set up.
Upgrading from a previous Provisioning Services farm requires completing the following procedures:
  1. Upgrade the first Provisioning Server, which upgrades the Provisioning Services database.
  2. Upgrade Consoles. The Console is a separate executable that can be installed on upgraded servers (PVS_Console.exe or PVS_Console_64.exe). It is recommended that both Provisioning Services server and console software be upgraded at the same time for each Provisioning Server system in the farm. Remote Consoles can be upgraded at any time.
  3. Upgrade the remaining Provisioning Servers within the farm. 
  4. Upgrade vDisks using the Hyper-V method, the Reverse Imaging method, or the loose binaries upgrade method.
    Caution: If upgrading a Provisioning Services vDisk within a XenDesktop deployment, the Provisioning Services master target device software must be upgraded before upgrading the XenDesktop VDA software.

Upgrade Utilities

The Upgrade Wizard facilitates the automation of the upgrade process, and includes the following utilities:
  • The UpgradeAgent.exe runs on the target device to upgrade previously installed product software.
  • The UpgradeManager.exe runs on the Provisioning Server to control the upgrade process on the target device.