Product Documentation

Prerequisites Before Deploying vDisks

Sep 28, 2016
vDisks are configured prior to being deployed. Configuration tasks include:
  • Selecting the vDisk Access Mode (for details, refer to the Provisioning Services Overview section) and if applicable, the Write Cache Mode for that vDisk.
  • Configuring the vDisk for Microsoft Volume Licensing (for details, refer to Configuring a vDisk for Microsoft Volume Licensing).
  • Enabling Active Directory machine account password management, if applicable (for details, refer to Enabling Domain Management.)
  • Enabling printer management (for details, refer to Managing Printers).
  • Additional Settings
    • Enabling or disabling the streaming of this vDisk to assigned target devices (for details, refer to vDisk Properties) dialog).
    • Providing vDisk identification information (for details, refer to Identification information in the vDisk Properties dialog).